Seasonal Shades: Movement never felt more Limitless by JLadner

Written by @itsmrjladner

When was the last time you felt limitless?  
This collection is an exact representation of that feeling; and NOW is the time to embrace everything you have ever wanted.  

Seasonal Shades 2022 celebrates the tones that are among us from DUSK to DAWN in the sky. This collection is more than just tonalities but a movement of realizing how limitless you are behind the chair. Get ready to experience sunset to sunrise, behind the chair.  

More importantly, this collection is a reminder to us and our guests, to embrace the journey and the beauty this life has to offer us.  

The Inspiration 
This Seasonal Shades Limited Edition Dusk to Dawn Collection was awakened while I was sitting on the beach as the sun was setting. I was feeling down and out and as the sun was setting, I took a deep breath and was present. Side by side with my best friend, taking in all the tones and energy that the world was showing me. Reclaiming my worth and my desire to truly live limitless and taking movement to a whole new level. From the sky to the hair strands. 

Soon after, we went into the night, dressed to impress with nothing but freedom in our mind, the tones of the night sky reminded us of the youth that resides in all of us. 

So, my hope for you is to think about the moments where you have truly felt limitless. Whether it is during the sunrise to sunset or with the people you love the most embracing the twilight nights. 

The time is now to fully embody this motto, ‚ÄúMOVEMENT NEVER FELT MORE LIMITLESS.‚Ä̬†

When have you felt more limitless, looking at a sunset, or sunrise?  


Collection Details 
This collection consists of the following Calura Gloss Demi-Permanent Shine colour swatches:  
DUSK colours are 3-16/3AV, 5-61/5VA and 6-65/6VR 
DAWN colours are 7-64/7VK, 8-46/8KV and 9-42/9KG 



Background colours:  
Into the Night: 65% Ash, 35% Violet 
Twilight: 66% Violet, 34% Ash  
Nightfall: 70% Violet, 30% Red 
Eclipse: 60% Violet, 40% Copper 
Earlybird: 70% Copper, 30% Violet 
Golden Hour: 50% Copper, 50% Gold  
Earlybird: 70% Copper, 30% Violet 
Golden Hour: 50% Copper, 50% Gold  


Blacklight Extra Blonde + Smart Developer 10 vol. (3%) 
Face Frame and Halo Perimeter: 7-64/7VK Calura Gloss + Calura Gloss Cream Developer 7Vol.(2%). 
Root Tap: 8-46/8KV Calura Gloss + Calura Gloss Cream Developer 7Vol. (2%). 
Mid-lengths to Ends: 9-43/9KG Calura Gloss + Calura Gloss Cream Developer 7Vol. (2%) 

Blacklight Cream Lightener + Blacklight Smart Developer 20Vol.(6%) 
Calura Gloss Water Color Inspired Placement:  
Formula 1: 30g Clear Calura Gloss + 30g 7-74/7VK Calura Gloss  
Formula 2: 30G Clear Calura Gloss + 30g 8-46/8KV Calura Gloss 
Formula 3: 30g 9-43/9KG Calura Gloss  
Formula 4: 60g Clear Calura Gloss + 30g 6-65/6VR/ + Calura Gloss Lotion Developer 7 Vol. (2%)   


Blacklight Extra Blonde with Blacklight Smart Developer 20 Vol. (6%)  
Pre-Lightened Section: 5-61/5VA Calura Gloss equal parts with Calura Gloss Cream developer 7 Vol. (2%) 
Back Section: 3-16/3AV equal parts with Calura Gloss Cream developer 7 Vol. (2%) 

I am so excited to see what you create with our new Seasonal Shades Limited Edition Dusk to Dawn Collection. Tag us on IG at @oligopro and make sure to hashtag #SeasonalShades2022 #TeamDawn #TeamDusk 


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