Luminous Blondes with 8ULTRA

Achieving softer more luminous blonde results for guests with higher percentages of white hair can be challenging at times depending on desired level or individual hair characteristics. As colourists, this is not something new to us and we satisfy many times with white blending rather than 100% white coverage for higher levels.

For these very real and common scenarios, let’s start with what is recommended and known for 100% white coverage success when using Calura Permanent Shine Hair colour.  We have the ability to offer shades and series that achieve 100% white coverage on their own from a level 8 and lower, with many different tonal options to do so.

With the current level 8 offered in Calura permanent we achieve beautiful results of 100% white hair coverage with a fuller saturation of colour or deposit. The level 8 is achieved and true but for some, the desire for a lighter result or more luminosity or reflection exists. Ultimately, to have a softer, lighter more luminous blonde.

We can formulate higher than a level 8 for white coverage by using our prowess in consultation and following formula recommendations.  Intermixing our current level 8 white coverage options with a 9 or even a 10 will achieve a lighter or brighter blonde result but depending on the percentage of white hair or texture, we may achieve a white blended result.

What if we had a new option to assist more challenging textures of hair such as coarse textured white hair or when darker levels also exist?
With that being said, Oligo Professionnel continues to listen and thus created and welcomed a new addition to enhance our white coverage options. Now, we have 2 incredible options at the level 8 to fulfill needs.

Introducing, our new 8 Ultra series.

Consider ultra as going beyond the usual. This tells me that I will still have a level 8 but it is different, unique and offers capabilities beyond our existing level 8.
Both live in the space of a level 8, both offer 100% white coverage, both lift natural hair up to 4 levels depending on the developer chosen but they offer a difference of depth and lifting capabilities.

Our existing level 8 provides a fuller saturation or darker blonde result and our 8 Ultra provides a lighter, softer blonde result.



8 Ultra is enhanced to firstly provide 100% white hair coverage plus additional lifting benefits of natural hair which is necessary to achieve a softer, lighter, more luminous blonde result.

That is not all!

8 Ultra has been formulated with all of the same features and benefits we know and love from Calura Permanent Shine Hair colour which is the Exothermic Technology and Certified Organic Essences.

In addition, 8 Ultra features an anti ‚Äď breakage and hair strengthening complex comprised of caring and strengthening components (molecules) to support the inner and outer structure of the hair.

The smaller molecules penetrate into the hair cortex, regulating the moisture levels and strengthen the inner structure of the hair. The large molecules protect the scalp and outer layer of the hair, preventing cuticle damage and loss of lipid content during the hair colour process.

Let’s consider who the 8 Ultra series is for?

  • 100% white hair - Guests that are looking for a lighter, softer blonde and 100% coverage.
  • 30% + white hair - Guests that are looking for a lighter, softer blonde and 100% coverage while providing superior lift on natural hair
  • The 8 Ultra series was formulated to offer 100% white coverage for guests with 30% to 100% white hair.
  • The 8 Ultra series offers lighter, softer, beautiful, luminous blondes. This series not only offers white hair coverage, but also enhanced lift on natural hair.
  • Intermixable with all Calura Permanent Shine shades (except Pure Blonde High Lift shades)

To achieve a 100% coverage and a softer and lighter level 8 blonde result, please follow the recommendations in the table below.
Keeping in mind these tips or best practice points when formulating:

  • 8U series was formulated for clients with a minimum of 30% white hair.
  • 8U series can be intermixed
  • When a higher percentage of natural hair is present, intermix with a cooler direction fashion shade or cooler Mix option.

To achieve Level 8 softer lighter blonde

100% white hair

9% / 30 volume

40 ‚Äď 45 minutes

Natural levels 6 or 7*

9% / 30 volume

Natural levels 4 or 5*

12% / 40 volume


Blonding Cream
Successful white coverage for lighter blonde results does not stop there!
We can also now also achieve 100% white coverage and Level 9 results by intermixing the 8 Ultra series with our new Blonding Cream (BC).

The Blonding Cream (BC) is a booster additive to increase the lifting power of shades. Ideal when wanting to achieve the brightest and purest blonde end results. (Please note that our Clear is different and formulated as a diluting additive rather than increasing lift) 

BC provides up to one level of lift on natural hair, when intermixed with shades level 6 to 12 and is enhanced with anti-breakage and hair strengthening complex.

*Please note that the Blonding Cream (BC) is not to be used alone.

To achieve a 100% coverage and a Level 9 softer lighter blonde result, please follow the recommendations shown in the table below.

Keeping in mind that when adding Blonding Cream (BC), formulate with appropriate Mix series from Calura as required when controlling or neutralizing warm tones, or when need is to enhance tonal direction. Follow the guidelines for Calura Mix series.

To achieve Level 9 softer lighter blonde
(For best results apply on levels 6 and lighter)

100% white hair

9% / 30 volume

40 -45 minutes

75% of 8 Ultra
25% Blonding Cream (BC)

Natural levels 7*

9% / 30 volume

Natural levels 6*

12% / 40 volume

Calura Permanent Shine Hair colour already offers maximum opportunities for successful white coverage. Now increasing these opportunities with our new 8 Ultra series and Blonding Cream (BC).

These are a must have addition to the Calura shade assortment and a must have
when wanting to achieve higher level 100% white coverage.

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