BALANCE IS THE KEY to everything in life, love and hair.

With this in mind, Oligo Professionnel developed its Osmosis Complex Technology to expertly calibrate a balance of moisture and shine between your hair and your world. With our Osmosis Complex, we have the ability to regulate and diffuse moisture. Your hair will always have the ideal moisture balance. This tried and tested technology takes the moisture from the environment and transfers it to your hair - releasing any excess moisture back into the air.

Osmosis Complex is infused with seaweed and minerals, all to help your hair and colour shine brighter, longer.

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At the heart of our innovation are two essential components: Hydration and Nutrition.
Find the perfect balance of hydratation and nutrition with our unique Osmosis Complex technology, which works to calibrate your hair’s moisture content to give it the shine you love and the lasting colour you crave.

Hydration: ‚Ä®
Carefully selected natural ingredients known for their hydration properties for a healthy look that lasts: Glycerin, Vitamine E, Seaweed and Citric Acid.

Nutrition: ‚Ä®
Infuse nutrition into your hair to keep it stunningly healthy with these hand-picked essences.

Unveil the secret to radiant, long-lasting hair with Osmosis Complex Technology ‚Äď where hydration and nutrition unite for the perfect hair care experience.

Organic Essences

Organic Avocado Oil
Natural properties protect against free radicals. Treats the hair fiber. Properties of hydration and porosity equalizer.

Organic Shea Butter
Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Improves shine and overall appearance of hair. Protects hair against hot styling tools and chemical treatments.

Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil
Antioxidant that helps distribute the pigments uniformly within the cortex. Contributes to the longevity of colour and provides ultimate shine.

Organic Evening Primrose Oil
Protects the hair and scalp. Helps keep moisture inside the cortex.

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