More about the corrective base green series - MATTE SERIES

Oligo Professionnel launches its CORRECTIVE BASE GREEN series - Matte Series by Calura Permanent and Calura Gloss 

Struggling with orange and red tonalities? 
(scroll down for formulas and looks!)  

Oligo Professionnel expands its Calura Permanent Shine Hair Colour and Calura Gloss Demi-Permanent Liquid Hair Colour with the introduction of its corrective colour MATTE series.  

Calura¬†Permanent‚ÄĮShine Hair Colour:¬†
Exothermic Technology / Ammonia & PPD FREE/ Pure Organic Essences¬†&‚ÄĮ‚ÄĮKeratin¬†

Calura¬†Gloss‚ÄĮDemi-Permanent Liquid Hair Colour:¬†
ZERO Lift, Shine / Conditioning / Alcohol & PPD FREE 

The New Matte series (this will be clickable to re-direct to our webpage) by Calura and Calura Gloss will leave you in control! These new shades will help you control or neutralize red and orange tones and correct unwanted warmth to create a natural result with cool & earthy tones.  

(In Both permanent and demi-permanent categories): 


Background colours are 80% blue and 20% yellow and are available in both permanent and demi-permanent colours in levels 4 through 8. The best news? Any developer from the Calura Gloss and Calura Permanent collection work with this new series! Stylists can also respect standard processing times in both Calura Permanent and/or Calura Gloss series.

As for APPLICATION, ask yourself, do you want to control or neutralize red and orange tones?  

For controlling, we recommend intermixing up to 25% of a Matte shade with any fashion shade. For neutralization and or colour correction, the Matte shade may be used on its own. 

Talented stylists such as @mikaatbhc and @sgoguenhair have used this corrective series and couldn’t be happier with the results. Here is some of their corrective work:  

@mikaatbhc¬†‚ÄúThe goal was to take her summer brunette/bronde¬†and get ready for the fall.¬†So¬†I decided to go with the following formula‚ÄĚ:¬†Calura¬†Gloss 2oz. 4AG/4-13 +‚ÄĮ1oz. 3Neutral +¬†7Vol.(2%)¬†Calura¬†Gloss Developer.

@sgoguenhair¬†‚ÄúThe goal was to eliminate any warmth from her brunette, she wanted a cooler brunette look so I used this simple formula‚ÄĚ:¬†Calura¬†Gloss 6AG/6-13 + 7Vol(2%)¬†Calura¬†Gloss Lotion Developer.¬†

To summarize, here are pro tips from @itsmrjladner, Oligo Professionnel’s Digital Creative Director: 

  1. Use this series to control or neutralize red and orange tones. For controlling warm tones, intermix up to 25% of a Matte shade with any fashion shade. 
  2. For neutralization or colour correction, use the Matte shade on it’s own. 
  3. Intermixcool shades to enhance cool results or warm shades to control warm results. 

 With our NEW MATTE COLLECTION, YOU are in control. Remember to use the hashtags #matteincontrol and #mattebycalura to get featured. It’s ALL about control. 



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