Controlling your Corrective Colour journey

This series is all about CONTROL. With our new Matte series, you will be in control! These new shades will help you control or neutralize red and orange tones and correct unwanted warmth to create a natural result with cool and earthy tones!

The Tonal Direction and  Background Colour: In more detail, the tonal direction, or background colours are yellow and blue for this Matte series collection. More specifically, the background colour consists of 80% blue and 20% yellow.


BEFORE & AFTER: from light pink to Brown


For this Corrective Colour I wanted to showcase how the new Matte Series Collection could neutralize any red undertones. The previous colour was 8 RA, Framboise, Our Seasonal Shades Collection by Calura Gloss.

I chose to utilize Matte by Calura Gloss 5AG 5-13 & Calura Gloss demi-developer lotion 7 Volume (2%) to create a root tap for added dimensions, this allowed us to see how it creates a natural result with cool and earthy tones!

For the mid-lengths and ends I utilized the 8AG 8-13 Matte Series Collection with Calura Gloss & Calura Gloss Cream Developer 7 Vol. (2%). This was on tone to the previous gloss that was used, the 8-51/8RA Framboise.

The magic for this breakdown is showing how the AG -13 series can control and neutralize any red and orange undertones that may occur with any vivid tonalities or someone with previous coloured hair and lifting it out.


  1. This series can be used to control or neutralize red and orange tones. For controlling warm tones, we recommend intermixing up to 25% of a Matte shade with any fashion shade.
  2. For neutralization or colour correction, the Matte shade may be used on its own.
  3. This series can be intermixed with cool shades to enhance cool results or warm shades to control warm results.
  4. It also can be used for corrective use when a hair colour has resulted in being too warm or brassy to achieve a more natural or neutral result.

Matte Series Collection 

This series is available in levels 4 through 8 in Calura Permanent & Calura GLoss; Here they are listed:

  • 4-13/4AG
  • 5-13/5AG
  • 6-13/6AG
  • 7-13/7AG
  • 8-13/8AG

With our NEW MATTE COLLECTION, YOU are in control. Remember to use the hashtags #matteincontrol and #mattebycalura to get featured. It’s ALL about control.


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