Décolorant Crème Blacklight
Concentré protection et renforcement des liaisons SMART
Oxydant SMART Blacklight 20 vol. (6 %)

Calura Gloss :
1 oz / 30 ml CLEAR
0,10 oz/3 ml 0-11/0AA
0.10oz / 3 ml 0-16/0AV
Oxydant lotion 1:1 7 vol. (2 %)


Step 1: Lighten hair all over with Blacklight Cream Lightener, Blacklight Smart Developer 20 vol. (6%) and with SMART Bond Protection and Strengthening Concentrate for 45 min* for this specific model.

Step 2: Apply all over with Calura Gloss Clear, Calura Gloss 0-11/0AA, Calura Gloss 0-16/0AV with Calura Gloss Lotion Developer 7vol. (2%) for 3-10 min depending on model. For this particular model to achieve a Sapphire blue look we processed for 3 min.

* Processing time will vary for each person so process to desired level of lift


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