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Styling & Colour



1. Starting on wet damp hair, utilize
the Volumizing Styling Balm by Blacklight
for colour, protection, shine and moisture
2. Ensuring those curls are sculpted
and protected, we utilize the Calura Curl Balm.
This frizz-free formula will keep your
waves shining but never stiff!
3. Diffuse to Dry.


Step 1: 6-13/6AG Calura Permanent MATTE Series + Blonding Cream \ with 30Vol. (9%) processed for 40 minutes.
*Added Smart Bond Protection and Strengthening Concentrate for every 1 oz (30 ml)
of hair colour
Step 2: Pops of Colour: 20ml Blacklight Cream Lightener with 20Vol.
(6%) Smart Blacklight Developer. Processed for 10 minutes.
*Washed with Smart Purifying Shampoo Pro
Step 3: Global tone: 30ml. Clear Calura Gloss with 40ml.9-43/9KG
Calura Gloss + 40ml. 8-46/8KV Calura Gloss Calura Lotion
Developer 7Vol. (2%). Processed for 15 minutes.
*Applied Smart Bond Builder and Repair Treatment



1. Hair Prep:
Washed previous day with quick blow dry

2. Put guests'
hair into 5 sections

3. Back
Section: Do a TopsyTail pony at high crown rolling it into a French twist
victory roll. Using the Calura Finishing Spray for extra hold.

4. Creating
Volume at the top of the head with the top of the victory roll

5. Bottom side
section will be swept back over our twist

6. Top Section
will be backcombed just in front to create a voluminous front wave

7. The ends
will be swept back and pinned

8. The fringe
and front pieces can be straight or curled dependent on what your guests style
needs are.



Toning Formula:  Freshen
up her colour using Calura Gloss Demi-Permanent 9NEUTRAL +

10-6/10V with 7Vol.(2%)
Demi Permanent Cream Developer.


1. Sections the
hair into the standard four sections based on your guests desired parting.

2. Take 1”
sections and create on base curls with a 1” curling iron.

3. Twirl out
the curls from the barrel of the iron then pin the hair up flat to the head

4. Contribute
this through all the sections and allow to cool for 10 minutes

5. Brush out
the curls and create your desired shape, wave and desired outcome.

6. While
brushing ensure to utilize the Calura Finishing Spray for extra hold.



1. Hair Prep:
Smooth and Polished Blow Dry

2. Section hair
into 3 parts and spray Calura Powder Pump Volume per section.

3. Also apply
the Calura Styling Crème per section

4.  Prep the pony for a sleeker look by applying
the Calura Finishing Spray layer by layer for the first 2 inches of new

5. For the back
section, position the upwards topsy tail lower on the head. Note that you
can position it higher for longer hair.

6. Wrap your
elastics for a more flawless look; to achieve the perfect hold, make sure to
drench the wrapping section in Calura Finishing Spray and comb it out
before and during the wrapping.

7. Add the Calura
Powder Pump
at the base of the pony for some styling. Back-comb the base
and brush out the top and side for a softer finish.

8. Use a flat
iron to create a downward facing curve and flip out the last 2 inches.

9. Front
Section: Create 2 standard pony tails one on top of each other and we will
repeat our product prep, backcomb and iron movement from the back section.

10. Ensure to
use the Calura Finishing Spray and your blow dryer on low heat to sleek
any baby hairs.

  • 12 x Gloss shades
  • 1 x Powder Pump Volume 0.32 oz
  • 1 x Styling Creme 8.5 oz
  • 1 x Finishing Spray 14 oz
  • 1 x Gloss Developer 7 VOL, 32 oz
  • 1 x Entry to win a $1000 Tiffany & Co. giftcard
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