12:00PM EST

Calura care Talks
with Misael Aponte & Terri Schwendemann

12:15PM EST

Crucial Calura Permanent ‚Äď The most indispensable tool in the dispensary!
By Misael Aponte

12:30PM EST
Oligo Professionnel International Color Director‚ÄĮMisael Aponte gives his unique introduction to Calura Permanent color as the cornerstone of your Salon business.‚ÄĮ

Placement & Toning
by Ashlee Allen

1:15PM EST
Everwonder how Ashlee (@aaashleee), Oligo Sponsored Artist,perfects her placement and tone each time? Beyond using Blacklight and Calura Gloss, this class is a sneak peak in her mind on how she approaches her guests head shape and her painting technique. Bonus! She’ll even give you tips on how she tones after lifting! 

Business segment
with Nina Tulio

2:00PM EST

Texture and Trends with Calura
by Genevieve Grenier

2:30PM EST
In this class Genevieve Grenier, Oligo Creative Artist, will share her creativity and passion for hair colouring and cutting. This unique balance and relationship between both allows for maximum expression by the artist.Fashionable colour choices along with inspired texture cutting that are on trend with a certainje ne sais quoithat show you endless opportunities to customize the perfect look for your salon guest.

Calura Care Talks
with Jladner & Terri schwendemann

3:15PM EST

Not all Blondes are created Equal
By Jladner

3:30PM EST
In whatscenario(s)would we use high lift colour behind the chair?Join Jladner as he explains why you can achieve a pure blonde withoutusing any lightener. What is your starting canvas? What questions do you ask?Why is this beneficial in some casesand not always? Join us as we celebrate the smart, exothermic,technology of Calura Permanent Shine Hair Colour[pure blonde series]. 

Capturing Calura
by Alann Sluser

4:15PM EST
This class is perfect for you if you want to learn all the insight¬†¬†to navigating success for relevant and creative end results with Calura colour.¬†Alann Sluser,¬†Oligo Creative Artist,¬†¬†will teach¬†the fundamental laws of colour. In addition, she will share her¬†appreciation of each individual canvas¬†and it¬†is crucial to¬†a¬†successful formulation.¬†She will be dissecting the ‚Äėins‚Äô and ‚Äėouts‚Äô of what makes a beautiful colour achievable and what challenges can arise with capturing the right tone, especially for blondes.¬†With Alann‚Äôs passion and expertise for corrective and creative balayage, baby lights and hair painting, she loves raising knowledge and creating awareness for different styles of colouring and techniques to unleash your inner creativity.

Low Maintenance Balayage
by Kelly Massias

6:00PM EST
Want to finally learn the technique behind Kelly Massias(@kellymassiashair), Oligo SponsoredArtist’s, low maintenance balayage? This beautiful and seamless technique will have your guests in your chair feel radiant as ever. Bonus! She’ll go over formulation with Calura Gloss to truly complete the most gentle final look.

High Impact Colour
by Stephanie Goguen

6:45PM EST
Stephanie Goguen, Oligo Creative Artist, creates a world where Calura permanent shades collide and join forces to create a momentum of three stylish and uniquely inspired looks. Stephanie‚Äôs energetic vision and creativity bring life to the finished result to‚ÄĮproduce a gorgeous dance of contrast and‚ÄĮbalance. Open your minds and explore your creativity as fun techniques are definitely on our agenda!

Business Segment
with Nina Tulio

7:30PM EST

Calura Tips and Tricks
by Lisa Walker

8:00PM EST
Join us as LisaWalker(@lisalovesbalayage), Global Brand Ambassador of Oligo Professionnel,gives her very own tips & tricks while using Calura Permanent Colour. We all know how much she loves colour theory, so don’t miss out on her metaphors and easy ways to master the colour brand! 

Calura Care Talks
with Jerry Chang & terri schwendemann

8:45PM EST

Results speak Louder than Words
by Jerry Chang

9:00PM EST
Recognize the result with emphasis on simplicity, creativity, and technique.This is not a class about observing, note taking, or practice on what’s right. This class is about taking chances, trying new things, and most importantly, break down your imagination to its simplest form. Let’s first identify the multitude of features and benefits within the Calura Permanent Shine Colour System. Then incorporate creative design principals to collectively achieve looks that will always be on trend.Coloring and cutting techniques are pivotal to the foundation of our creative artistry, it is my honor to go on this visual journey with you and Oligo Professionnel.

Elevate your Brand with Art & Education
By Misael Aponte and Jladner

9:45PM EST
Pick the brains of two creative geniuses!Join us for a live discussion about continuing education and creative positioning with Digital Creative Director,Jladner and International Color Director, Misael Aponte. This conversation is all about the importance of staying inspired and energized throughcontinuing education, tips & tricks to stay creative andhow it canelevate your own personal brand. 


10:15PM EST

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