Unleash Your Inner Funk: Exploring the Vibrant World of FunkHue

Have you ever seen a pink tiger? Well, certainly not in nature. The truth is, we mammals are all quite limited in the colors that are available to us, with orange being about as funky as any mammal can get naturally. Now, if you, like me, are a little jealous of the exotic colors that other life forms can achieve, be jelly no more!

FunkHue is a range of direct vivid colors with limitless possibilities for self-expression. Whether dialing up the funk on yourself or for your salon guest, FunkHue ranges from soft pastels to powerfully vibrant options ‚Äď All with an astonishing durability that really satisfies. The FunkHue line even features both black and brown, which allow you to smoke-down shades or add a more organic quality to the vivid colors using these eumelanin representatives to further expand your color palette.

And FunkHue’s ease of use and smooth spread-ability are just bonuses. The real magic is in OligoPro’s color lock technology, which uses ionic attraction to bond the color to the hair and minimizes both skin staining and color cross-contamination. FunkHue rinses out readily to reveal rich, lustrous hair with a spectacular, healthy shine.

For truly vibrant results, luminosity from lighter level hair is a requirement, however, a large amount of the FunkHue colors can provide the target color at level 6, 7 and 8 - reducing pre-lightening time or possibly eliminating the need for pre-lightening at all.

A quick Artist-to-Artist tip: When formulating FunkHue, switch from using the Red, Yellow, and Blue color wheel to the Magenta, Yellow, and Cyan color wheel instead. We are now entering the world of those masters of color; Birds of paradise, flowering plants and sea life who have all been dialing up their funky for millennia. Now, with FunkHue, we too can rise to the ranks of Funk Masters!

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