What type of coverage are you looking for and how can that affect reflection and absorption of light? 

It all breaks down to two words:  Opaqueness or translucency; these two areas are crucial in your formulation.  

Mastering the foundation of Calura Permanent Shine Colour and Calura Gloss will help you take your formulation and results to new tonal expressions. That said, today we will be covering why OPAQUE coverage and TRANSPARENT reflection for your formulation matters. 


When talking about opaqueness, it makes me think about white hair coverage, vibrancy and depth of tone. This is where celebrating Calura Permanent will deliver exceptional results.  

If you are new to the Calura Permanent colour world, let me share some knowledge on why it’s so special: 

  • It works on Exothermic Hair Colour Technology, meaning it uses heat to open the cuticle & deposit, offering an unparalleled¬†radiant shine¬†, coverage & less breakage.¬†¬†
  • Each shade was formulated to generate a specific increase in temperature, opening the cuticle gently to achieve desired results.¬†

White Hair Coverage: here are the series that support your opaque coverage with Calura Permanent Shine Hair Colour. 

Neutral, Intense Neutral, 318/ GAB, 18/ AB, 8/ B, 34/ GK 

To use the following series in a white hair coverage scenario we recommend using 318/ GAB to control warm results, 34/ GK to enhance warm results and 8/ B to maintain warm results and depth  

Vibrancy: here are the series that support the vibrant results!  Which means, you’ll get the most rich, vibrant opaque vibrancy in tone.  

-44/ KK, -55/ RR, -556/ RRV and -66/ VV  

When maximizing light absorption or depth control use series 11/ AA, 13/ AG. 1/ A.  

Now, it’s important to understand that opaqueness can still reflect shine and especially with our PURE BLONDES SHADES, PASTELS and FASHION SHADES, the tone will be more RICH IN TONE and deliver exceptional longevity.  



In order to achieve a translucent finish, we would recommend using Calura Gloss would be considered this category.  

This is seen when we talk about WHITE HAIR BLENDING, which is an important fact to know about our Demi Permanent liquid hair shine color. It is formulated unlike anything else and is able to offer more translucent reflection. 

Soon, I will break down the chemistry of Calura Gloss, but I do want to speak on the fact that dye molecules are smaller, meaning more light will pass through, meaning it creates more transparency than using Calura Permanent.  

If you are new to the Calura Gloss, let me tell you more about this colour line.  

Calura Gloss offers the versatility of a liquid colour in an alcohol-free water base environment! 

Our Hybrid technology offers all the advantages of alkaline and acidic hair colours without any of their drawbacks. Calura Gloss has a  gentle acid-balanced base buffered to an alkaline pH that works synergistically with acidic molecules, offering the best of both worlds. The result is unprecedented shine, conditioning and colour longevity with zero lift, guaranteed! 

The difference with the longevity compared to the opaqueness is that over time Calura Gloss slowly releases from the hair strand.  

White Hair Blending:  

Intense Neutral is the series to pick up. This gives you up to 50% blending. 

Now, even with a more reflective or transparent colour line, we still get the chance to have cooler results that will help create amazing depth.  

When wanting to create cooler results use these series: 1/ A, Intense Neutral, 13/ AG, 12/ AI, 66/ VV, 11/ AA.  

For vibrancy: 4/ K, 5/ R, 43/ KG  

For reflection and exceptional shine:  34/ GK, 3/ G 

Here at Oligo Professionnel, we enjoy sharing knowledge and topics that help you become the best colorist you can be.  

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