I’ll have a flat white with an extra shot of cappuccino with a drizzle of sugar free salted caramel

I’ll have a skinny milk, flat white, with an extra shot of cappuccino, extra hot with a drizzle of sugar free salted caramel (LOVE when it sounds so Meg Ryan in the movie, When Harry met Sally)

Meet Audrey...Having an artist like her as a guest on my ‘sofa’ (as I like to call my chair) is always a unique moment because as I listen to her speak about her own art, I become inspired to create mine. The story about Audrey’s painting is all about texture and colour...WHAT A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN for me considering my passion for textured haircuts! Her world is created with spatula techniques and a blend of shades that is so exquisite and full of light. It became clear that I would use the same exact technique on her...rich tones mixed with some color that have character and a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ of sweetness just to enhance her mysteriousness. And just like that ... that’s how she became one of my muses.

(This is Audrey)

 To create this look I used Calura Gloss 6-32/GI + 6 Neutral + Clear.


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