-36/GV Edition: When to use Permanent over Demi-Perm?

Your favourite Golden Beige (-GV) series by Calura Gloss is available in Calura Permanent and we couldn’t be more excited!  

We asked three talented artists the simple (or not so simple) question of when they would use Golden Beige (-GV) permanent by Calura colour over –GV Demi-Permanent colour by Calura Gloss. This isn’t to say that one is better than the other, but it’s important to understand how and when to utilize both options for the best outcome.  

Our artists, Jladner (@itsmrjladner), Martina (@4allcurlkind) and Mallory (@malloryje) each have their own perspective and answers to these questions! Let us know which answer you relate to the most in the comment section!  


Mallory (@malloryje) 

 Let’s start by saying look no further when it comes to the perfect brightness to a beige formula. While other tones circling around the beige world may dull down, this specifically illuminates and keeps things lustrous.  

-GV Golden Beige by Calura Permanent is the GOAT of all tones. In my eyes, there is nothing better and more satisfying. When it comes to wanting to keep the perfect amount of glow while eliminating unwanted warmth, this is your absolute go to!  

Okay, Okay, let's get into it – when do I use the -GV Calura Gloss over Calura Permanent? 

While both are immaculate and can give you a beautiful finish, let me explain further.  

-GV Calura gloss has that lotion-like based consistency that spreads effortlessly and fluid through the hair. As if a clean liquid could get any more gratifying. A gloss is meant to do just that, gloss over the cuticle. Being alcohol free, water based, and a match made in heaven combo of alkaline & acid balance, this creates a dream team for no lift! You heard that right, this will never budge your clients natural base by bumping it up. This gloss has amazing shine, tonality, deposit, and longevity to it. 

That being said, the longevity will be less than of the –GV Calura Permanent since the demi-permanent colour doesn’t penetrate the cuticle.  

Calura GV permanent has a creamy viscosity that makes you daydream. Everything about it is so yummy you will crave it with every second that passes.  It has exothermic technology that was made to get deep inside, opening the hair cuticle gently and ever so softly. Aka, this will shift and alter your clients natural.  

This also makes room for the longevity to surpass a gloss because of the level it penetrates the hair.  

So, if your client wants their tone to last longer, or perhaps you need something to go deeper because a client's hair is resistant or stubborn to tone, this is your bff right here.   

Both of these are miraculous and revolutionary.  You can’t go wrong with whatever you decide to choose. Calura was made for us to be unique and have all the tools we need in our belt to accomplish and create anything we dream of.  With both at our disposal, there is nothing we can’t do. 

My favorite tone. 

My forever go to. 

THIS.. is Calura.  


Jladner @itsmrjladner  

In the world of Calura Colour, there are amazing opportunities when it comes to levels of tone, coverage, reflection, and custom colour options.  

Let’s break down our -GV series for Calura Permanent & Calura Gloss. They are both great options when it comes to delivering exceptional beige tones. Here’s my insight on when it’s best to use both in your hair colour journey.  

The background colour for our -GV series in 75% yellow and 25% violet which delivers a muted golden shade also known as Warm beige results.  

When choosing Calura Gloss or Calura Permanent with this series, I base it on the coverage, fabric, and desired tone I want to achieve.  

I choose Calura Gloss when I need more translucent reflection in tone and the level of commitment my guests are seeking with their desired results.  

I choose Calura Permanent when I want more depth, opaque and coverage. The tone is more depth control because of the bigger dye molecules and the deposit in level of developer.   

Also, if someone is more porous using Calura Permanent is my go-to with demi effect developer or 10 volume.  

Both have exceptional shine and longevity.  


Martina (@4allcurlkind) 

I love this question! I personally use both but let me tell you how I decide that.  

When I need a gentle lift, I automatically reach for my –GV Calura Permanent colour. I really like to use this as an alternative to lightener, especially when I'm looking to create a soft, lightly warm base.  

As for the –GV Calura Gloss demi-permanent, this is my go-to “not quite it” blondes. I find many of my guests aren’t sure what tonal direction they want with their hair; for instance, they don’t want ash, brass or yellow tones, but they want brightness. This is my go-to solution. I add 0.05-0.20oz. into my existing formula to bring the brightness they’re looking for without it being too golden or yellow.  

Overall, this series is perfect for that expensive blonde your guests are looking for comes this spring + summer! Make sure to try it out for yourself!  

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