Doing Our Part

April 22nd is Earth Day this year. But Oligo Pro is doing their best to make every day Earth day. This year they have hired an external company to help guide them as to how to be a more sustainable company and brand. They are in the infancy stages; however, it is good to know they are taking the steps in the right direction. This makes my heart so happy, and I am sure it makes you feel good using products from a brand that is doing their part to help reduce paper and plastic to save our planet. 

So, what has Oligo done thus far? 

  1. They launched the new Blacklight Lightener Bag format which is made with 91.50% Less Plastic. They are also lighter which means it lowers the Carbon Footprint. Same Lightener, 91.50% LESS plastic.

  2. They are also committed to making cleaner products. Last year they launched SMART which is a bond builder and repair treatment which is made with ingredients that are over 90% naturally derived.  

These efforts alone will help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our landfills and oceans. And using products like SMART that are more than 90% naturally derived, is not only beneficial for you as a hairstylist! It’s also beneficial for your clients.  

This is the first of many initiatives Oligo is taking to create a more sustainable brand and reduce their carbon footprint. But there is so much more to come in the years ahead.

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