Do your products align with your brand?

When you think about your brand and what it stands for. Does your product line and colour line reflect your brand and brand mission? If you think about it, your colour line and the retail products you use are just an extension of you and your brand. Let's define the word brand first before we dive in. Your brand represents who you are and what you stand for. It is your promise to each and every client. It is what people say about you when you're not in the room. It is what people can expect from you and feel from you and your team, every time they step foot into your salon.
It is incredibly important to know who you are as a stylist/owner first before you start picking and choosing product lines. Why? Because it has to be aligned with your promise to your clients. Part of that is your quality of work. And that comes from the quality of the brands and products you use. If we want to dive deep into it. Your price is a reflection of this as well. If we are offering high end and high quality services, that is what you promise to your clients. That means you will want to use high quality products that deliver high quality results right. ? And let me add consistent results. Let's go through a few steps on how you can review or assess your brand and product line to see if it's in alignment.

1. Define the core values of your business. Your core values are your business principles. It's what you stand for and more so what you believe in. Some examples would be Integrity. Honesty. Kindness. Respect. Courage. Compassion. Authenticity. Once you define your core values it will allow you to show up and deliver your promise to your clients every time.

2. Define your mission. Your mission is a combination of your purpose. Your beliefs, and the goals for your business. This is important to define especially when you have a team of stylists. It allows them to be a part of something bigger than themselves and show up consistently for their clients.

3. Ask yourself if your product line aligns with these values and beliefs. Is the quality of your current line delivering on your premise to your clients? Is it consistent with its performance? Does it align with your price point? Do you genuinely love the line you have and does that translate into the way you sell it ( educate ) your clients?

When I was asked to work with Oligo, my first connection and feeling about them was. Wow! Our core values really align. We care about people. We want to help. They work from a space of integrity and that is one of the reasons I love working with them. The brand you do business with has to match your core values as well. If you have ever used Oligo products like Calura Gloss, Calura Permanent, and Blacklight. You know it delivers results. And if you are new to Oligo and are in the reassessment process with your current line. Please be sure to reach out to your local distributor and check out their selection of amazing products that might just be the right fit for your brand and mission.

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