Blacklight Smart by Misael Aponte

Hello everyone! This is my first blog and a whole new experience sharing in this way. As you all know, life is full of experiences and wonder that we should all try to have. However, as we know, life is full of hazards as well. The key to make it through and take in all the wonder is to increase the margin of safety. This is why I am compelled to share my experience with the new Blacklight Smart system with all of you. 

For me there is nothing better to validate your chemical talent than the perfect lift. Please don’t get ahead of me, because I am not referring to the level of lightness or the perfect tone. I am talking about the blowout, as you witness supple, lustrous tensile strength – i.e.: elasticity. This visual finale is what claims the homerun.

Blacklight Smart has reduced the stress I place on myself to maintain the forever-in-vogue beautiful, healthy finale.

Let’s start by taking a pause, yes, because in the scope of all the chemical services, Blacklight has gone NATURALLY SMART with over 90% naturally derived ingredients in some products - and almost 100% in others. This is a moment! 

These botanicals come with their superpowers to protect, soothe, sedate, decongest, resist, hydrate, moisturize and strengthen. All of this is not only for the hair, but also has an equally strong focus on the scalp, which we often forget is in the car’s backseat along for the ride.

So, speaking of cars, how many safety features are there applied to one service; Transportation? Now imagine how much more sophisticated the features would have to be for a high-performance vehicle.

Well, as you know, Blacklight lighteners coupled with their dedicated Blacklight Smart Developers are high-performance lighteners. This high performance is the catalyst that encouraged the smart decision to create a more fluid, expeditious dedicated developer for speed. So, of course, safety features had to rise to the occasion such as gradual bond technology for the inside and ceramides throughout for the final visual. A seatbelt for the inside and a shatterproof windshield for the outside, so to speak.

Like the automotive industry, we know that safety should always become smarter. So, spring boarding off Blacklight Smart developer comes a Blacklight Smart system. Now we have the safety and support of the modern vehicle. The correct decisions must still be made by the driver, but there is a gathering of safety features surrounding them. 

Each service rendered in the system ensures that each piece of safety equipment is implemented. Would you ever try to get a discount on a car by saying “how much without the airbag and anti-lock brakes?” 

Let’s get into it - beginning with Blacklight Smart Concentrate, which preserves and strengthens. Chemical services make the healthy arrangement of the amino acids, and their protein bonds, play a hostile game of musical chairs.

The concentrate delivers retaining structure during the process to preserve the healthy arrangement and prevent the disruption before it happens - All while strengthening with amino acids and, most importantly, retain moisture.

We all must be aware that when tree branches are blown by gale winds, the hydrated and moist ones whip back into place, while the dry branches snap and break off. It is also important to know that moisture refers to oil/fatty lipids and hydration to water.

These combine to create a viscous glue that is transported throughout the hair by an aqueduct structure called the CMC (Cellular Membrane Complex). This hydro lipid fluid supports not only the lamination of the multiple pieces that make hair, but also how supple and resilient the hair will be for overall tensile strength.

The key ingredient to this performance being hydrolyzed rice protein. Selected for its compatibility with a large range of salon services, it lends its benefits beyond colour and lightener services to also include perms, relaxers and even our FunkHue deposit-only vivid shades.

Imagine inheriting a new salon guest that was already pre-lightened and maybe the best decisions were not made for that previous lightening service? If there is no time for an in-salon Blacklight Smart treatment, you can add your Blacklight Smart Concentrate to your new FunkHue colour story while strengthening and protecting.

Next, we have the Blacklight Smart Purifying Shampoo with an array of botanicals that promote a more nourished scalp to encourage healthier and stronger hair growth while soothing the alkalized state of the scalp. 

Removing any contributor to unpredictable toning results or reactive interaction with impurities is what Blacklight Smart Purifying Shampoo is all about. There is a notification bell - when your suds turn pink - that is notifying you to shampoo again until no pink is shown. The ONLY shampoo to use after a lightening service in my opinion!

Now let me introduce you to the closer, to seal the deal of ultimate chemical service safety: Blacklight Smart Bond Builder and Repair Treatment. The power to build new and repair existing hair internal bond linkages. At the core of the complex puzzle pieces that make up hair are peptide chains that coil in a hyper style macaroni shape called a helix.

Blacklight Smart Treatment repairs and builds new hydrogen bonds within each individual helix. This treatment then goes even further by extending hydrogen bonds across the hair keratin structure to neighbouring helices, which is plural for helix, turning one coil into many repaired and bonded coils – creating a reinforced cable called a super-bundle. Now during this treatment, a very important construct is being restored; The CMC (Cellular Membrane Complex). Remember the importance of this structure and its proper function with regards to resilience, strength, and lustre.

Now this is the full safety package - and now that you know; Should any guest leave the salon without it? My Salon guests won’t!

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