Behind the chair….It’s all about control

The best part of being in this industry is you have total control over what goes on in your chair and in your business. You can give yourself an increase with add on services and price increases (when the time is right). You can educate your clients on retail so you sell more retail. And you can bring in new product lines that will also increase revenue overall for your business.

One Of the cool things about carrying Oligo Professionnel in your salon is that they are always coming out with new and innovative products to support your talent. In order to take full advantage of this, it allows you to increase revenue for your business, and stay on trend and stay current for your clients. What I suggest is to look at each line within the Oligo brand and choose what fits your brand the best. Ask yourself ...What will support my clients and continue to add value to the client experience?  So let's chat about the new Matte series by Caulra Gloss.

With the New Matte series you will be in total control of those unwanted red and orange tones and it will give you those beautiful earthy, natural looking cool tones we all dream about.  The Matte Series comes in levels 4AG to a level 8AG. And as a stylist ,you know red and orange tones within these levels are stubborn and hard to control and or neutralize. These Matte shades are also intermixable. You can use it as a stand alone for color correction. You can mix it with a fashion color. Or even mix with the cool shades to enhance the coolest of cool tones. You can even mix it with neutrals and intense neutrals for white hair blending. The best thing about Matte is YOU are in total control of how you use it based on the results you are looking to achieve.

Another benefit to using the New Matte Series is it creates options for you as a stylist in which you can then share with your clients. Clients love options. Why would they want to go somewhere else if you can provide every possible solution for their “problem”

 If you're a stylist that finds yourself looking for new and innovative ways to control or neutralize unwanted red and orange tones. This series is for you. Now you will have something to scream from the rooftops about and share with your clients. “Linda….I finally have a solution for your unwanted orange/brassy tones.” When you have a new product be sure to share it on social media and in email marketing campaigns to get the clients excited.

Click the link below to learn more about the Matte collection.

*This product is not recommended on highlighted hair. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's mixing instruction for best results.

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