Adding Dimension to your Summer Blondes

¬†Fall is among us and is time to drop the dimensions within our guest blonde locks.‚ÄĮ¬†

There is an art¬†of¬†navigating this for our guests, especially for our blondest hair lovers.‚ÄĮIn today‚Äôs¬†blog, I will go over the three steps I consider when adding dimension, along with sharing some of my¬†favorite¬†formulas to create these fall blonde looks.¬†¬†

Here are my top three rules to adding in dimension to any blonde hues.‚ÄĮ

  1. Porosity First
  2. The Rule of TWO
  3. Keep it Glossy 
  4. Let's start with our first point - Porosity First: 

This¬†is my number one go to before adding depth back into hair that has been lifted and shifted. As we know when we lift¬†hair,¬†we¬†remove¬†melanin within the cortex. It‚Äôs time to rebuild and¬†re-bond! I recommend using our Quadraplex¬†products,¬†since¬†it¬†was created to offer the following 4 essential benefits to your hair: strengthens, protects, detoxifies and repairs.‚ÄĮ¬†

How I do my in-salon treatment is by following these steps¬†‚Ästplease note this is for treatment only, the process while using quadraplex is different and can be found in¬†our¬†Blacklight Technical Manual¬†

1) Use the detoxifier (Phase 2) to eliminate any harmful toxins from the hair and protect it from environmental pollutants. Rinse thoroughly. 

2) Mix 7ml of the Hair Strengthener and Protector (Phase 1) with 90ml of water and let process for 3-5 minutes. Do not rinse. 

3) Apply and comb the Hair Repairer and Protector (Phase 3) and comb for even distribution. Allow to process for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. 

 Now that the guest's hair is prepped and treated, let's get into our second point -  

the rule of two:  

When formulating with the goal of adding dimension, only drop your lowlight down two levels. For instance, if your guest base is a level 7, choose a level 6 or 5 at the new growth. If they are a level 9 mid lengths to ends, choose a level 8 or level 7. 

Let's talk about toning; when adding in any depth to a blonde I would intermix our GK, N, NB or Intense Neutral series in Calura Gloss for either warm or cool results. For a warmer result, use the GK, Neutral or Neutral Brown Series; for a cooler result, use the Intense Neutrals by Calura Gloss (with the proper Intense Neutral Calura Gloss developer).  

 My Final rule is Keep it Glossy:  

Our¬†Calura¬†Gloss is exceptional when¬†adding¬†low lights. You‚Äôll have longevity and high shine. The cream gel like consistency allows to support blended results, this is crucial when adding in depth.¬†Keep it glossy really means keep it blended.‚ÄĮ¬†

You can also use our CLEAR in¬†Calura¬†Gloss as a transition tool to blur the line if you are wanting to keep your guest ends bright and¬†add¬†in depth in their mid-lengths.‚ÄĮ¬†

Our Calura Gloss Cream Developer 7Vol(2%) is perfect for foil application.  

Here are some looks that I created specifically for adding dimension in my guests lived in summer blondes: 


 Base: Calura Gloss 8-34/8GK and 7NEUTRAL BROWN Equal Parts with Calura Gloss demi Cream  Developer 7Vol.(2%). The Mid lengths to ends: Calura Gloss 9-6/9V and 9NEUTRAL equal parts with Calura Gloss demi Cream  Developer 7Vol.(2%). 


Base: Calura Gloss 8NEUTRAL, 8-34/8GK and 7-12/7AI Equal Parts with Calura Gloss demi Cream  Developer 7Vol.(2%). The Mid lengths to ends: Calura Gloss 10-12/10AI, 9NEUTRAL and 9-6/9V equal parts with Calura Gloss demi Cream  Developer 7Vol.(2%). 


Base: Calura Gloss 7-3/7G and 8 NEUTRAL BROWN Equal Parts with Calura Gloss demi Cream  Developer 7Vol.(2%). The Mid length: Calura Gloss 7 NEUTRAL BROWN  with Calura Gloss demi Cream  Developer 7Vol.(2%), Ends and Face Frame: Calura Gloss 9NEUTRAL and 9-6/9V equal parts and Calura Gloss demi cream developer 7Vol.(2%).  


Finally, I wanted to share the work and process of Oligo Creative Artist, Alann Sluser:  

STEP ONE: Oligo Professionnel Blacklight Extra Blonde with Blacklight Smart Developer 20Vol(3%). for her light placements.  

STEP TWO: 8-8/8B and 8-34/8GK Calura Permanent with Calura Demi Effect  developer lotion for her shadow root and dimensional drop. 

STEP THREE: Tonal expression with 10-36/10GV and 10-12/10AI Calura Gloss and Calura Gloss Lotion developer 7Vol.(2%). 


Thank you for always choosing Oligo¬†Professionnel¬†as your go to¬†color¬†brand. We look forward to seeing your Fall inspired blondes.‚ÄĮ¬†




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