Make More Money & Profit with CaluraTEN BONUS EDITION

CaluraTEN was created to deliver efficient results to your clients and help you make more money and more profit. Here are some ways to increase sales, profit, and market CaluraTEN to current clients and attract new clients. 


1. INCREASE SALES - PRICING- By using ClauraTEN you have the opportunity to make more money one of two ways.

#1- You can shave off up to 30 minutes in total service time which will allow you to see more clients per day which= MORE MONEY!

Let’s just say you are able to see 2 MORE clients per day at a $100 average ticket. X that by 4 days worked that = an additional $800 per week in sales and up to an additional 40K a year in sales. Even if you decide to see just 1 more client per day that = up to an additional 20K per year in sales.

#2- You have the opportunity to charge a premium price for this service as you are offering the gift of TIME and CONVENIENCE. Think about it. When you order Uber eats you pay more if you want it to arrive sooner. When you want to be first on and first off, a plane, you pay more for business class. People understand if they want things faster, they will pay a premium.

PRICING OPTION- I suggest charging an additional 10-20% more than your regular touch up or colour service. EX: You currently charge $85 for a touch up with blow out. An additional 10%. = $93.50; 15% more = $97.75. Let’s just say you round up and decide to charge $98. This is an additional $13 PER service. If you see 8 clients per week = $104 MORE in revenue = $5200 more per year.

If you are a heavy touch up based salon and see 16 clients per week that is over 10K more in sales per year. Not only are you charging more for this service. You will also have room to see new clients. The earning potential here is HUGE!


2. INCREASE PROFIT- When you increase your prices you have the opportunity to increase your profit margin as well. If you decide to go the route of charging a premium price for this service, you will increase your revenue WITHOUT seeing more clients. If you decide to keep the price the same for CaluraTEN and Calura Permanent, you will have more time to see new clients which will also increase revenue and hopefully bring in more profit. 
** Managing your spending and budgeting is an essential part for making more profit as well.


3. MARKETING - Nothing is worse than spending money on a new product and not knowing how to market it. Remember, you are giving the gift of TIME and CONVENIENCE. Here are some marketing tips to convert current clients to CaluraTEN and attract new clients into your salon.

#1- Create an email campaign listing out the benefits as to why they should convert to Calura Ten. Not only does Claura Ten process in 10 minutes but it also nourishes and protects the hair and scalp.
 ( CLICK here for email campaign templates)
#2- Share before and after images in an email campaign showcasing the results.

#3- PROMO ALERT! Create an offer in an email campaign to convert current clients. EX: Try CaluraTEN on us. Enjoy our NEW 10-minute colour and have more free time in your day. The first one is on us. (You can offer this whether you decide to charge the same price or charge a premium). Keep in mind, even if you keep the price the same but convert your client to CaluraTEN, you will be saving up to 30 minutes on each service which will allow you to see more clients per day.  (CLICK here for email campaign templates)

#4- Share on social media. Post before and after Reels on how quickly it processes. EX: Have a client sitting in the chair processing for ten minutes showing the timer and then boom, blowing them out and swiftly skipping out of the salon with more time left in their day to get errands done or spend time with their family.


CaluraTEN means efficiency in your business. It allows you to increase your average ticket, increase volume, make more money and offer more freedom and flexibility in the way you grow your business.  Enjoy!