Texture est un JE NE SAIS QUOI - Français


Duration : 2:00:00

Available Date
 : September 13th - 1pm EST


Join Geneviève Grenier, our Creative Artist Oligo, with her new texture cutting course. She will explore how to modernize medium to long haircuts and make you understand the importance of creating a movement that will satisfy every salon client and have their unique style. Thanks to the workmanship and fluidity, the end result will ensure the balance of the cut and the color of the hair.

Geneviève Grenier is a salon owner, skilled trainer and experienced business person. She is an excellent communicator and effortlessly shares her art on stage as well as on TV, where she is a regular contributor. Geneviève loves creating news looks but is adamant about maintaining the hair’s integrity, condition and health. Dynamic and authentic, known for her passion of communicating her extensive knowledge of the hair and fashion industry, let Genevieve transport you into her world!