Seasonal Shades Dusk to Dawn


Duration : 01:00:00

Available Dates : May 23rd - 1pm EST

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Experience SUNSET to SUNRISE behind the chair with JLADNER (@itsmrjladner) as he will be using our LIMITED EDITION Calura Gloss Demi-Permanent Seasonal Shades Collection 2022! This limited edition class will inspire you to discover whether you are TEAM DAWN or TEAM DUSK?

JLADNER @itsmrJLadner
J Ladner is an accomplished hair and makeup artist with experience in film, television, theatre, print and digital media. Recognized as Modern Salon’s 2019 Top 100, American Influencer Awards 2020 Emerging Hairstylist of the Year nominee, J is also a successful entrepreneur, educator, digital author, Digital Creative Director of Oligo Professionnel and hosts the No Stylist Left Behind podcast with Nina Tulio. J has been in the industry for 11 years and is passionate about growing other hairstylists in his field.

Seasonal Shades 2022 - limited edition