Haute Couture - Français


Duration : 1:30:00

Available Dates : March 15th - 10am EST

Recordings and digital handouts will be available after the class in your Oligo Library. 


*Class offered in french only. This class is built for stylists that want to enhance their hair cutting skills, understand the head shape while exploring fashion. Genevieve Grenier will share her vision through a live look and learn cutting demo. Experience hair cutting through a technical yet creative approach to achieve a modern look . 

Geneviève Grenier  - @genevieve_grenier

Geneviève Grenier is a salon owner, skilled trainer and experienced business person. She is an excellent communicator and effortlessly shares her art on stage as well as on TV, where she is a regular contributor. Geneviève loves creating news looks but is adamant about maintaining the hair’s integrity, condition and health. Dynamic and authentic, known for her passion of communicating her extensive knowledge of the hair and fashion industry, let Genevieve transport you into her world!