Misael Aponte


How many times has a colour service not ended up looking how you intended? Oligo Professionnel International Colour Director Misael Aponte shares his techniques for analyzing a client’s head shape and haircut lines to help you understand precisely where colour needs to be placed for maximum visual impact on every client!


Misael Aponte shows you the easiest way to create an Ombre, Sombre or Root Stretch looks without any demarcation lines. Using interior colour work to influence the overall exterior colour result, Misael’s innovative “Inside Out” colour placement methods will help you to master a technically delivered Ombre using as few as eight foils!
This class will strengthen your ability to compose colour selections for your clients using both natural tones and vibrant rainbow colours. Misael will teach you how to deliver natural looking results - that are infused with vivid colours - which any client will love.

Jerry Chang


1 cut with 1 colour placement! From inception to the final product, participants will allow their inner creativity to shine. Depending on the needs or wants, stylists will select 1 out of 3 designated hair shape/length/colour/final looks to work on. While following the cut/colour placement focus, participants can change up the colour formulation to create a final look that will have that “wow” factor!


New Gents bring a level of comfort to our stylists and the male client. The program combines traditional barbering skills with modern techniques to achieve shapes that are visually and physically pleasing. With effective techniques, proper tools, and along with the necessary products; this class will truly inspire you to succeed in the world of men’s grooming.


Explore the creative world of razor cutting! From the origin of the first commercially made razor to the way you can re-shape the look, feel, and the texture of a modern haircut. From how to properly hold a razor to refining a cut, you will feel confident to create shapes and texture at various lengths!

Geneviève Grenier


This class is built for stylists that want to explore and practice cutting, head shape and fashion. You will look, learn and practice at the same time with the cutting artist and experiment a more suitable way to learn and remember all the techniques.

Alann Sluser


Explore the corrective and creative side of balayage, baby lights and hair painting. This class will take the most seasoned stylist through an array of different and innovative colouring techniques, raising the knowledge and creating awareness of the different styles of colouring and techniques unleashing the stylist’s inner creativity.


This class will take the stylist through a stimulating leading edge experience of editorial hair, how to create that runway look so many clients want. You will also learn how to create fun and easy up-do’s and wedding hair, taking the easy steps towards beautiful hair!

Stephanie Goguen


Perfect for beginners or seasoned hairstylist, chignoneries Is a class were you will learn the blueprints to construct any type of chignon-updo by Going through the all of the basics from the conception to the finishing touches. Making it easier for you to comprehend the whole process, to deliver amazing results and become more profitable.


Great for beginners or seasoned hairstylist. Hairstylish is a class where I will guide you through the wonderful art of effortless yet effective hair styling. Showing you different techniques from curling to texture styling while using our classic tools in fresh new ways.