There is a rumbling of energy coming into the forefront here at Oligo Professionnel. Innovation and product development is the cornerstone of our brand.  

Today, we celebrate the latest series in our Calura Permanent Shine Hair Colour family:  
The 8 Ultra Series by Calura Permanent Hair Shine Colour.  

In a bit, I will go over my TO DO steps to achieve what I like to call “the Modern Stylist Retouch”.  

Before that, let’s talk about the opportunities that we can offer now with such precision and tonal direction that gives our blonde retouches a more healthy, mindful and alternative to always using lightener – or what I like to call The Modern Stylist Retouch.  

In no way am I saying I don’t use lightener – I think for some guests it’s the best choice. That said, the Modern Stylist Retouch is something to consider for certain guests. I will also go over that in a bit!  


Achieve higher lift and coverage with anti-breakage technology. The 8 Ultra series provides superior lifting of natural hair and 100% white hair coverage in one single step! It is specifically formulated for lift and coverage for normal to more resistant hair types.  

Shades and Tonal Direction:  

8U Neutral (neutral results)
 Blue (33%)/ Red (33%)/ Yellow (33%)

8U-12/8U-AI (neutral cool)
 Blue (60%)/Violet (40%) 

8U-36/8U-GV (neutral warm)
Yellow (70%)/Violet (30%) 

8U-3/8U-G (warm results)
Yellow (100%) 

Reminder! Since 8 Ultra is an extension of our permanent color line, it embodies all the amazing benefits such as: Exothermic technology, Certified Organic Essences, Keratin and free from: Ammonia, Paraben and (PPD).  

BONUS! This series includes Anti-breakage and hair strengthening complex allowing us to have additional caring benefits to support the added lift!  

Modern Coverage VS Lightener Retouch 

When deciding to use Calura Permanent 8 Ultra series or Lightener here are some tips on what canvas, levels and target results will work best for a modern coverage or traditional lightening and tone with lightener.  

  1. Modern Coverage will work the best on anyone who has a natural level 4 or 5 new growth for 4 levels of lift and coverage. Adding our new Blonding Cream to your formula will allow you to apply on natural levels 6 or higher to achieve a level 9 end result.  
  1. When adding in the Blonding Cream intermix 75% of 8 Ultra + 25% Blonding Cream (BC) and mix 1:1 with 9% 30 volume or 12% 40 volume dedicated Calura Permanent developer. 
  1. Guests who may have fragile hair types will benefit from the anti-breakage and hair strengthening complex. 

If you’re looking for more lift, we’re talking at least 6-9 levels, then we recommend using the Blacklight Lightener options! The Blacklight Lightening Cream is one of our favorites known for its caring lift. 


For this application we wanted to have 100% white hair coverage and a more mindful approach for her retouch! This guest wanted to try an alternative to lightener, so we decided to give the 8Ultra a shout! I offered her the Modern Stylist Retouch.  

You can see in the image that her hair had slight banding and white hair! Utilizing 8 Ultra and our new Blonding Cream, our guest's white hair was completely covered, and her virgin dark hair was lifted without using any lightener or additional toner!  

It was done in ONE STEP. YES, just one step that allowed us to achieve a softer and more natural result!  

So finally comes the part where I share my HOW TO, because sharing is caring! 

  1. Section your guest in the standard four segments. 
  2. Starting in the back, take 1 inch section and apply the formulation to the new growth and right to the line of demarcation. Make sure not to overlap onto previously lightened areas of the hair.  
  3. Saturation is key with all colour applications. To allow for the benefits of Calura’s Exothermic Technology and the hair to process evenly.  
  4. Work your way towards the front and process for 45-55 minutes. 45 minutes is our recommended processing time. 

Calura Permanent Shine hair colour 

8 Ultra & Blonding Cream (BC) 
20g 8U –12/ AI + 20g 8U Neutral + 10g BC + equal parts 12% 40 volume developer 

All in all, the Calura Permanent Shine Hair Colour is WORTH THE SWITCH and we cannot wait for you to explore the MODERN STYLIST RETOUCH with your guests! 


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