Maximizing Your Blondes with Permanent Colour

A common question we ask ourselves as stylists is how we can be more efficient behind the chair while still delivering optimal results. For me, it has to do with lightener retouches and tones. Our guests are becoming more aware of the products used and if there is an alternative to lightener. That’s what brings me to Oligo Professionnels newest innovation to their Calura Permanent colour line, 8 Ultra Series 

Traditionally, a stylist would approach a lightener retouch and tone through a series of steps, which can create more time behind the chair. When using Oligo Professionnel new 8 Ultra Series, they have given stylists an option to deliver results in one step to lift, deposit and cover white hair, all while protecting the hair's integrity with their new anti-breakage and hair strengthening technology. 

What makes me thrilled to add this to my color bar? The 8 Ultra Series offers superior lifting power with a lighter colour deposit to achieve a lighter, softer blonde result. Specifically formulated for lift and coverage for normal and resistant hair types in ONE STEP 

Imagine the scenario where the target level and end result were ideal for the new 8 Ultra Series and Blonding Cream. Now, allowing you to save time behind the chair and still deliver optimal results with a permanent colour instead of your traditional lightener. 

My guest featured below was the perfect canvas to celebrate the 8 Ultra Series. The starting canvas and target results aligned perfectly for what she wanted to achieve.  


For my guest, we wanted to explore an alternative to lightener due to her lifestyle. It was important to her that she had options. 8 Ultra Series delivered exceptional results while tackling all the discovery areas that she felt needed to be addressed, and all in ONE STEP. Check out my formulation below.  

20g 8U AI + 20g 8N + 10g BC = parts 40 Volume 12% Calura Permanent Shine Developer  

Processing time 55 min 

When I sat down with Nina Tulio, Oligo Professionnels Business Education Director, to give me her insight on how this can be beneficial to stylist behind the chair, this is what she had to say: 

“Choosing the right product for your client in order to achieve their desired result is key. But as a stylist, it’s also about choosing a product that produces consistent results in an efficient manner. Time is money! And using a series like 8U offers the best of both worlds. 100% Coverage on white hair and superior lift on natural hair in one step. “ 

As a fellow stylist, I am thrilled to have an option to deliver optimal results to my guests that may want an alternative to lightener. I cannot wait to see you take your blondes to new heights with Oligo Professionnels new 8 Ultra Series. 

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