Get Ready for SUMMER with a twist

It’s that time of year again where all our darker blondes and/or brondes want to be lighter! I can’t be the only one who feels the increase in demand for what I like to call Summer Blondes! Although I am so excited, I also constantly wonder what options I have for guests who want a brighter look, but their hair is more compromised OR want brighter without the use of lightener.

This year, however, we have options – yes more options! Some guests, using my lightener is my personal favourite, but I also now have the option to use Calura Permanent Hair Colour to brighten my guest's hair. This specific trick is thanks to the New 8ULTRA series by Calura Permanent Hair Colour.

The 8ULTRA series allows LIFT (up to 6 levels on virgin hair) and COVERAGE (yes 100% white coverage) on your guest all while resulting in shine and healthy hair.

The beauty of this new product is that you can work the product to your preference: balayage, colour application, roots only – your choice*!

Your creativity is endless with this new product – you can create rich chestnuts to strawberry blondes! You can also get one extra level of lift by using our NEW BLONDING CREAM that can be mixed up to 25% with your Neutral Shades of Calura Permanent (levels 6 and up).

I for one, wanted to create a beautiful strawberry blonde on my guest! All she needs to do now is find the perfect outfit & martini to go with it and enjoy summer!

*8ULTRA is to be used on virgin or new growth only, not already lightened or colored hair.

Have fun this summer with different looks that inspire you! Here is an example of my guest behind the chair!

30mL 8U Neutral + 45mL 8U AI + 25mL BC with 30 Vol. Calura Permanent Developer

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